We uniquely combine research-driven Laboratories together with our cost-effective plants. Our company has been set up a new R&D FACILITY located at sanathnagar with built up area of around 7000 SFT with fully developed equipment to carry out various types of reactions.

Our professional team has extensive research and development experiences, and our facilities are well equipped. Our main R&D services includes FTE (full time equivalent) or one-off synthesis (based upon agreed price) arrangement; custom synthesis (>95% purity, mg, gram to kg scale); reference compounds synthesis and purification; project management, record keeping, project reports, quality assurance, compound delivery etc. We can offer scaling up and process optimization service in the pilot also. We hope our service can accelerate the customers’ R&D speed. Emmennar always realizes our obligation of maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality to our customer’s proprietary information, and promise to keep secret under confidential disclosure agreement. Your comments, advices, inquiries or orders are always highly welcome and appreciated. Nearly 30 postgraduates are working in the lab. Our scientists are having good exposure to develop a cost effective synthetic routes and implementation of the same in commercial scale.

We have good enough experience on so many reactions, to name a few:

  • Grignard Reaction
  • Birch Redution. Scholl reaction
  • Michaelis Arbuzov reaction,Gould Jacobs reaction
  • Chiral synthesis,Variuos Amino acid derivatives
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry
  • Hydrogenation reactions using Pd, Pt, & Ni.Wolf kishner reduction
  • Blanc Chloromethylation
  • Curtius rearrangement
  • Bromination
  • Chlorination
  • Sulfonation
  • Chlorosulfonation
  • Reductive alkylation
  • Nitration
  • Cyanation
  • Condensation
  • Substitution reactions
  • Denitro methoxylation
  • Denitro chlorination

We will develop the products based on the customer requirement. We undertake the projects to develop Non infringing synthetic routes, CRAMS business  and FTE projects.

Custom Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS)- Emnar is an integrated pharmaceuticals industry player. To make its business model truly comprehensive it has embarked upon Contract/Custom Research and Manufacturing Services(CRAMS). The Company has been successfully deploying its capabilities and developed know how for several products for its own manufacturing. Using talent and technologies the company also assisted several clienteles by developing required products and supplying required quantities. Emnar has established integrated R & D, technology and engineering capabilities that supports development and demonstration of cost effective processes and products. Day in and day out Emnar carries out complex chemical reactions and makes it rugged in its understanding of the needs of the industry. Emnar has emerged as a preferred outsourcing partner for leading global pharma & life science companies. The company has required capability to deliver products and services across the pharma value chain. Based on this we offer services related to research & development and manufacturing of key building blocks, intermediates, advance intermediates and fine chemicals for in-market products and NCEs from discovery to commercialization stage.


EMNAR is committed to provide long term support to customers in their business by providing competitively priced quality products in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices at right time.

To fulfill this commitment the organization shall focus on:

* Continual improvement in efficiency of process and effectiveness of QMS.
* Diversification into new products selected on the basis of business volume and long term stability.
* Prevention and control of environmental impact of products & processes.
* Development of personnel capabilities – technical & managerial.
* Development of technical capabilities and / or financial support to critical suppliers.